martedì 31 gennaio 2012

At last, after 5 years

There was a time when I was studying at the uni of Edinburgh. It was 2007, and in order to improve my life as a skint student, I decided to get a part-time job at some local pub. Moreover, jobs as bartender or receptionist are a good opportunity to crack on with a new language, without having to pay any money for it. I wasn't looking for anything fancy: a job to pay the rent and some random house parties, the same sort of job that most of my peers had. It didn't take me too long to find my way to the Citrus Club, where I worked as bartender for a year - probably the best job I've ever and will ever have.

Before landing to that position, I remember that I applied for other vacancies. One night I was out with some friends at the bowling alley, not too far from where I lived. We had a good night, laughing and drinking til late. When we were leaving the bowling centre, I noticed a job-ad at the entrance of the complex: "We urgently need to fill some positions - please leave all your details, we'll be in touch asap". Cool, I thought, here it is, that's my job.

Back in 2012. Last Friday I got a message on my voicemail from a lady who apparently has just received my application and would like to set up an interview at the World of Football (WoF from now on). No mention of what WoF was or what the position was about. The message was quickly followed by an email, which repeated pretty much the same story: "Following your recent application, WoF would like to organise an interview bla bla bla." I politely replied to the email, telling that they must be mistaken: I wasn't looking for any job, I haven't applied to any position recently, namely to a company called WoF. Still, I was curious to understand what this WoF was all about.

Their second email clarified all my doubts. WoF was a bowling centre based in Edinburgh and, according to the manager, I handed my application not long ago. Suddenly, all started coming back to me: the night at the bowling, me and my friends there, the application form. After 5 years, I managed to get an interview. I declined.

People out there waiting for a call back, don't lose hope - it might take 5 years.

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Diego ha detto...

And if i know you a bit, you said something like "ma chi cazzo sono questi e che cazzo vogliono??" XD

Geniale comunque XD

Luca Cacchiani ha detto...

Con qualche 'porca troia' di mezzo si', e' quello che ho pensato :)