lunedì 16 aprile 2012

On the move, again

Goodbye Atos (Origin)! After 5 years spent half in Darlington and half in Nottingham, it's now time to move again. Early this week I handed over the first resignation letter of my life to my line manager: I'm leaving the company on Thu 17th of May, just in time to start my new adventure at Codehouse the week after.

"It seems like only yesterday when I arrived in Darlington...". No, this post won't go that way, I'm really not good at writing such dramatic lines! I've spent 5 great years in Atos and I'm sorry to leave, but I'm also very excited to move to London. I'll be working full time as project manager for a small company based in the City, a challenging position in a fantastic city - I couldn't ask for more.

Besides, this relocation is in line with my (very slow) migration towards the South. From Edinburgh to Darlington, then Nottingham, next stop London. I'll end up in Torino again, one day!

I would like to thank all the people who came across my life during these 5 years at Atos, starting from my colleagues in Faverdale, Beeston and those in India, all my friends in Darlington and Nottingham, and I can't forget the language conversation group - you've all been great!

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Unknown ha detto...

your colleages in india will miss you not being there. Best wishes from all of us for future endeavors!

ajitkokane ha detto...

All the best, mate