venerdì 20 aprile 2012

Why Apple, why?!

After one week spent playing around with my brand new iPhone 4S, I still can't figure out why so many features are missing from this beautiful smartphone.
  • I can't send pictures via bluetooth. My old Nokia could send pictures via bluetooth, my old Moto Razr could send pictures via bluetooth, my expensive - state of the art - brand new shiny iPhone can't. I'd like an explanation, please.
  • I can't choose the colours of my calendars. Maybe it's just me, but over the years I've familiarised with some specific colours associated to my calendars. Red is the colour of my personal calendar, green is the colour of my work calendar, blue is the study calendar, and so on. Unfortunately Apple decided that such a simple feature wasn't worth the effort, so they didn't include it on the iPhone. I'm now stuck with some random colours (violet? yellow?) picked by Job's developers.
  • Now, that's really annoying. Ok, I'm obsessed with calendars, but I'd love Sunday to be the first day of the week. I know, I grew up in Italy, I shouldn't care less, but I've had Sunday my first day of the week for the past 5 years. My diary (UK diary) still shows Sunday as the first day of the week, I can't understand why my iPhone shouldn't do the same. Looks like somebody in California had no idea on what the first of the day of week in England is.
  • Notifications. I'm still exploring this fascinating world, however I've found the notification setting system a little bit clumsy. I'm not sure it's all iPhone fault, sometimes notifications are pushed to the desktop correctly, sometimes not. Gmail notifications seem to be working just fine, FB and LinkedIn work at random. Some apps push their notifications on the dashboard, others simply can't, unless they're configured properly.
Still, I love my iPhone. 

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